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School News


How to Change The World We Live In


    I asked my friends what they would do to change the world if they could. My mother said with a laugh: "Sew up everybody's mouth! Then people would be judged by what they do and not by what they say." My brother said: "Improve communications. Let people meet and talk directly with each other instead of going by stereotypes on TV."

    My social worker friend said: "First, give food to all." But my spiritual friend said: "Even if everyone's material needs were met, people wouldn't be fully satisfied until they have a deeper direction inside. Meditation is the key." Then my cook friend combined the two ideas and said: "Teach nutrition in the schools. How can people have the proper thoughts if they don't eat the right foods? If they would eat more vegetables, they would become more enlightened for vegetables are a higher consciousness food."

    I asked my diplomat friend and he said in a solemn voice: "Establish peace." My secretary friends said: "We must learn to get along with our own families, friends and co-workers before we can expect peace in the world. And we should start by giving both men and women of all ages and colors an equal chance to fulfill their destinies."

    My accountant friend advised the rich to give the poor and to stop caring more about money than about people. But my psychic friend, having studied stars, said: "It will take some great natural disaster, such as fire or a flood, to shock people internally to care about each other."

    My writer friend wrote to me saying: "Deep in our hearts we know the answer; to change the world, we must change ourselves. If everyone swept his own door-step, the street would be clean. Along the same lines, my friend the philosopher told me that the answer lies in each of us doing at all moments what he thinks is right and not what he thinks is "expedient, or comfortable, or profitable, or popular, or safe or impressive."

    Though people have different attitudes towards life, they can live happily together, if life is based on love, tolerance and faith. 


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